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Two and a Half Men The Leather Gear Is in the Guest Room (HD, TV-14) Alan comes home with an ostentatiously distracting vase, causing Charlie to object to its presence in the house; Alan and Jake move in with a reluctant Evelyn.
Two and a Half Men One Nut Johnson (HD, TV-14) Alan offers his advice to Walden when he tries to create a new persona for himself in order to find a woman who isn't just interested in his money.
2 Broke Girls And The Pretty Problem (HD, TV-14) Caroline enrolls herself and Max in a cake-decorating class after a coffee shop owner refuses to sell her cupcakes because they aren't pretty enough.
2 Broke Girls And the Coming Out Party (HD, TV-14) Caroline puts together one last elaborate luncheon for her grandmother Astrid after she awakens from a coma without knowledge of their family's pennilessness.
TMZ (HD, New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website TMZ.com presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
Pawn Stars Pawn U (HD, TV-PG) Rick eyes a first edition of Mark Twain's "A Yankee in King Arthur's Court"; a seller has a 1953 Peter Pan animation; Rick teaches college students his trade.
Crime Watch Daily Mystery on the River (HD, TV-PG) A seemingly ordinary kayak ride quickly turns lethal, so the hosts investigate the details of the case to learn more.
Crime Watch Daily A Mother's Mission (HD, TV-PG) The bond between a mother and daughter comes into play when one mystery is solved and another is left unsolved, so the hosts look into the case.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Authorities need help finding a criminal who routinely uses president masks during bank robberies and plastic surgery to alter his appearance.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #157 (TV-14) A foot pursuit is carried out by officers pursuing a suspect in South Carolina; police respond to a report of a potentially hostile shoplifter in Indiana.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #149 (TV-14) A car chase reaches dangerous speeds as officers attempt to pursue a suspect; police respond to a suspected theft of a vehicle which occurs in Washington.
True Crime Files Evil Kin: Highway to Hell (HD, TV-14) When a young girl in Utah is kidnapped and her body is discovered, police are unaware that this murder will be the beginning of a gruesome killing spree.
Forensic Files Stick 'em Up (HD, TV-14) Residents of Noel, Missouri were stunned to learn that their bank had been robbed and the bank president was missing. His body was found floating in a lake.
25 Words or Less (HD, Repeat) Host Meredith Vieira leads two teams of competitors who attempt to solve a list of five words using less than 25 word clues to win the $10,000 prize.
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